Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Charles Fawcett died in London on February 3rd. He was 92. You may have heard of him from the book and movie Charlie Wilson's War, but as this Telegraph obituary shows, the war in Afghanistan was only a part of Fawcett's amazing life. One example:

"In Paris Fawcett also took part in the rescue of a group of British prisoners-of-war who had been placed under French guard in a hospital ward by the Germans. By impersonating a German ambulance crew, Fawcett and a comrade marched in at 4am and ordered the French nurses to usher the PoWs out into the yard. "Gentlemen," he announced as he drove them away, "consider yourself liberated."

"You're a Yank," said a British voice.

"Never," came Fawcett's lilting southern burr, "confuse a Virginian with a Yankee."